How to use Astrology to Plan Success Part 2

Another aspect to planning success with astrology is the election chart.  It is like a birth horoscope, the beginning or birth of an event.  Looking ahead at what the planets are doing means you can choose the best possible time to pick a wedding date, open a business, start a conference or develop a product.  The list could go on.  Not all planets deliver what they promise all year long.  Each planet performs better in certain signs.  Examples are when the Sun is in Leo this promises much and more, but even better Sun in Leo is when positively configured to Jupiter in Sagittarius.  Sun in Leo configured to Jupiter in Libra is good but not as good as in Sagittarius. Do you want a hundred of people to show up to your conference or do you want a thousand? So you see looking at what a planet is going to do has to be weighed and judged and compared to what the other planets are doing.  Not every month has good, usable auspicious times to plan success for an event.

Ideally this election chart is compared to the birth horoscope of the person responsible for the event.  I want the birth of your event to complement you personally.  This way the continual motion of the planets will have a positive effect going forward into the future not just for that one moment.

This combined with a personal future trend report as mentioned in Part 1 of this series and a weather forecast report (next in part 3) for your event will reveal the best time for your event. Here’s another example: Your Profected chart (from Part 1) has the 9th house activated for a year which signifies publishing and foreign travel, this is a good house for promoting an event, especially if it is in a foreign country.  Next I found 2 dates that are good election times. Each of these dates gets a weather forecast and one of them shows serious flooding from a rain storm.  The election time might be great but the weather could bring attendance down for the event. So, the date to choose then would be the one with better weather.

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