How to Use Astrology to Plan Success Part 3

So what other things can affect the success of an event?  Do you want it to rain on your wedding day?  Would you rather it be warm and sunny?  Do you want real snow when skiing over the New Year’s holiday?   Would you like to avoid a hurricane while on vacation?  Weather can have a huge impact on future plans.  If you could find out the weather for next year’s vacation plans, why wouldn’t you?

A full weather forecast can be done a year or more in advance for any location.  It will tell you how hot or cold, how windy, how dry or humid and if there will any rain or snow.  How?  I’ll tell you.  Each planet has a certain nature associated with weather.  Such as Mars is hot and dry while Venus is wet but moderating in temperature.  In other words if Venus is configured to Mars it brings heat and humidity but if Venus is configured to Saturn it is wet and really cold.  There are so many charts to look at for these predictions.  The solar cycle represents an entire season, the full moon cycle shows moisture levels, and a Mercury chart shows the wind levels for about a three week period to name few.

The faster moving planets trigger weather events as they configure to the slow moving planets. Fast moving planets being Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the Earth’s satellite, the Moon. The Moon is of course not a planet.  It is the closest celestial body to Earth, therefore it has the greatest influence on Earth.

It is easier to plan success for an event if you know what the weather will be like.  I was at Disneyland in July once and in the middle of the day a rain downpour erupted.  It had not been in the traditional weather service forecast.  As I was going back to the hotel during the rain I walked by a wedding party group photo session.  The bride was not happy.  She was trying to hold back her tears as rain fell on her.  Who would have thought that there would be a huge rain downpour in the middle of July in Anaheim, California?  If she had gotten a weather reading from an experienced astrologer, she would have had the choice to change the weekend of her wedding. It only rained a few hours that one day in July.

So if you want great weather for your honeymoon and wedding or you want to find a no rain day for London weather than come her for an accurate weather forecast.

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