Is Mercury Retrograde?

Once you know this term you’ll be asking anyone you know with a passing interest in astrology when it’s happening.  Next Mercury retrograde period is Jan 5-Jan 25 2016, from Aquarius back to Capricorn.  I’ve found that people all over the world feel the affects of this phenomenon even without knowing what is causing it.  Has there ever been a week or a month that seemed especially chaotic or disorganized? Was there problem after problem and then you ended up in a car accident?  It was probably a Mercury retrograde period.  This happens three times a year for about three weeks long each time.

What does this retrograde thing mean?  As a planet orbits the Sun its speed changes.  This is partly because its orbit is not a perfect circle and it is from the perspective of us on Earth (not the Sun).  So three times a year the planet Mercury appears to be slowing down so much that it appears to be moving  backwards.  It is called apparent backward motion.

Symbolically if a planet goes backward it seems to bring about the opposite of its basic (forward moving) nature.  Mercury’s nature represents communication, travel, printed words, contracts and technology used everyday.  So if Mercury goes backward it makes these things go “backward”.  Then we have miscommunication, travel delays, misprinted words, unfair contracts and broken technology.  Day to day activities become a tangible mess.

Personally I have ignored a Mercury retro period on purpose.  I felt I really needed that new appliance and I couldn’t wait.  I thought to myself “It’ll be fine, mercury retro is not a big deal”.  Every single time I did this I ended up regretting it.  That appliance broke down or later I found out I bought the wrong appliance.  Most of the car accidents I’ve been in (none caused by me) were during a Mercury retrograde period.

I know if I stick to the nature of the retrograde I have less problems or hassles during that three week period.  So if you are not supposed to buy a car or sign any contracts when Mercury is retrograde then what should you do?  Review, revise, redo.  That’s your mantra for a retrograde period.  Review writing projects more than usual, take extra time to revise a presentation, add extra travel time to get to important appointments and redo decorating plans.  In other words, go backwards. Reach out to an old friend you’ve been thinking about.  All of these things move with the backwards energy, not against it.

Put these dates on your calendar.

Jan 5-Jan 25, 2016. Future dates are listed in my newsletter.

Your New Years resolutions are best left to be defined until Jan 25.  Yes, you could make these resolutions on the first of January but the unfortunate news is Mercury will already being moving super slow at that time.

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