New Year’s Weather in London

I’ll be choosing various cities around the globe to predict weather, mostly for holiday times.  When you think London, do you think rain? I do, I think of Seattle too.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know ahead of time when it is not going to rain in London?

So here is the weather forecast for Dec 31, 2015 – Jan 2 2016.

Dec 31 Thursday

The moon travels into the 7th house in Virgo early that morning.  Jupiter is already in the 7th house and the moon comes along and joins with it. Jupiter warms the air. The day will start out chilly, blustery, warming slightly later in the day.
Jan 1 Friday

The moon continues on into Libra, a fair weather sign, still in the 7th house. No major aspects with the other planets.  The day will be pleasant by London standards.  Venus is getting ready to square Neptune foretelling coming rain, including flooding in a few days.

Jan 2 Saturday

This day is the start of a new lunar phase. The moon squares the Sun joining forces with Pluto.  Saturn is in the 1st house with Venus heading that way.  It will get really cold with gray, stormy clouds. Mars squaring a slow Mercury brings windy conditions the next day.

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