Wedding Planning with Astrology

What is an astrology plan for a wedding?  It is picking a day and time in a certain year that is optimal to start a marriage.  How to pick and choose among so many dates?  The planets are constantly moving.  Their patterns or configurations are at some times good and not good at other times.  These positions can be mapped out very far in advance and we can see when the good patterns will arrive.  Here is an explanation in astrological terms.  In astrology we look for which planet is in a sign that dignifies it (which planet is in a sign that it “likes”) and then how are the faster moving planets contacting the slow planets.  What areas of life are these dignified planets affecting is next.  There are negative (unfavorable) planets as well.  The negative planets effects need to be minimized.  These are a few specific things we astrologers look for: ideally a wedding would take  place during a waxing moon, that one thing could eliminate half the days of the year. We look for a dignified planet ruling the entire chart, the moon connecting to fortunate planets (Venus or Jupiter), and as many as possible ruling planets of the marriage area of the chart connected to each other (not just the main ruler associated with the sign).

If you are planning an event like a wedding or an engagement party doesn’t it seem like a good idea to plan it during a good planetary period, especially since we can look it up?  A marriage is seen as its own entity, spiritually and legally. The marriage ceremony is the birth of this new entity, or new couple.  Timing it during positive planetary patterns optimizes the future of the couple.  The new marriage is the couple’s chart and will be chosen so that the continuing planetary movement through the chart will be optimized for one year.

Not only do we want to enhance the positive in a wedding plan chart, but we want to reduce the possibility of a negative occurrence.  By that I mean we want to minimize the chance of events that bride and groom have no control over. You don’t want a member of the wedding party to faint during the ceremony (a difficult configuration with Saturn might cause that), do you?  Or the bride tripping on her way down the aisle (a mars transit could cause that), right?   If you get married while Mercury is retrograde you run the risk of guests being delayed just getting to your wedding.

It is all about optimization.

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