Los Angeles Weather 1/10-1/15 2016

Weather forecast for Los Angeles continues.  Soon you’ll be able to look up here the weather for LA 3 months ahead of time. My newsletter will update you when the LA weather post is up. If you are wondering why each week posted isn’t an exact 7 days each time or why it doesn’t always start on Sunday it is because the forecast coincides with the lunar phases or full moon cycle. If you pay attention to when the moon changes phase you will know when the weather will most likely change.

Week 1/10-1/5 2016

Jan 10 & 11 – Windy days, clear but cold. Uranus is has a strong influence this week. Possibly record setting cold days.  The average low is 47.8.

Jan 12 – Continued cold,  wind settles.

Jan 13 & 14 – Cold with turbulent air or sudden gusts.

Jan 15 – Not as cold

If you want to know the weather for a specific location-

Email me at contact@planetblast.com


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