LA Weather Valentine’s Day 2016

This is reprieve week 2/8-2/14 2016.  Not a lot of weather happening in Los Angeles.  When you think about, that is why most Angelenos live here.  It is December as I write this and there is much talk of “Godzilla El Nino”, the biggest El Nino ever.  Some weeks will display that as I’ve written in my previous posts but there will be some weeks like 2/8-2/14 that aren’t.  Nice, considering it will be Presidents’ weekend and Valentine’s Day.  And I did say reprieve, not a complete break from rain.

Feb 8- 14 2016

2/8 – Starts off gray skies and cloudy

2/9 – Moon makes contacts with Neptune and Saturn in an important section of the moon chart causing some rain for the day.

2/10, 11, & 12 – Warms a bit each day.

2/13 – Overnight Moon connects with Neptune again, maybe some showers.

2/14 – Moon in the Winter season chart crosses a sensitive point, some showers.

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