LA Weather 3/1-3/8 2016

Storm + Eclipse

Rain, rain come this way, come again every day!  Intermittent stormy days this week in Los Angeles.  We need rain in California so the talk of Godzilla El Nino is promising, thus far the rain predicted by me for our winter season has not been as torrential as we need.  But! There is more rain coming…

This is the first Eclipse of the year. Change is inevitable if it triggers your chart. Look for 19 degrees Pisces in anyone’s chart to find out.

3/1 – Stormy and rainy, the Sun an Moon are connected to Saturn

3/2 – The storm subsides a bit, Venus and Uranus clear the air

3/3 -Back to a stormy and windy day

3/4 – Extra intense wind, gray and cloudy

3/5 – Cold and stormy, Sun squares Saturn which triggers the slow moving Saturn/Uranus connection.

3/6 – Storms settles a bit

3/7 – Moon joins with Venus in sensitive area of the chart, rainy.

3/8 – Storm settles

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