LA Weather 3/23-3/30/16

Spring weather 2016!

March 23-30 2016 Full Moon

This month I’ll be posting all of Spring, next month all of Summer. If you want to plan something in the coming year and be prepared for the weather this is the place to order a Weather Report.  Any place, any time in 2016.  I post the weather for Los Angeles for free on this site. I’m almost one season ahead (3 months).  I can do Winter 2016 easily, but I want to catch up to that and not skip over early 2016.

3/23 – Mercury joins with Sun, disturbances in the air, clear but starting to get windy.

3/24 & 25 – Some wind and cloudy skies, Venus opposes Jupiter. Jupiter just squared Saturn. (Parts of the country, north east USA,will get rain)

3/26 – Temps higher then day before

3/27 – Atmosphere clears up

3/28 – Sunny and warms a bit

3/29 &30 – Wind comes back with cloudy skies. (Parts of the country, not LA, could have tornadoes)

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