LA Weather May 21-28

It’s a full moon week, don’t get too crazy.  We have actual weather this week. Jupiter and Saturn are making their last square for a very, very long time.  Pluto will add intensity but mainly in other areas of the country.  Some areas of the country are really going to get it.

March 21, 2016 Additional info: The north east U.S. was experiencing storm Regis caused by a Jupiter/Saturn square and Venus/Neptune conjunction.

May 21 & 22- Hot couple of days this week. Clouds and turbulence. Mars joins the full moon and Venus opposes retrograde Mars. Mercury goes Direct.

May 23- Cloudy and winds.

May 24 & 25- Cloudy, the Moon joins with Pluto, temperature drops.

May 26- Skies starting to clear.

May 27 & 28- Moon has finished it’s triggering affect. Fair and settled skies.

Email me: for a personalized weather forecast for your special event.


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