LA Weather 6/4-11 2016

Getting close to finishing my Spring LA weather forecast.  This week is erratic, more erratic than usual.  When two big, slow planets meet it is a big deal!  Retro Saturn, Neptune and Uranus are the main influences.  The only way to activate them is with a “close to home” planet or satellite like the moon.

June 4 & 5- The previous week’s storm dies down, cloudy but not too problematic.

June 6, 7, & 8-  Venus and the Sun help to moderate the atmosphere.  Cool to warm, fair temperature.

June 9- Winds pick up, a whipping type of wind thanks to Mercury and Mars. Continued cool and erratic weather behavior. Stormy conditions showing up.

June 10- This is the most unusual weather day of the week. Moon triggers Saturn and Neptune. The unusual weather will hit more of northern Ca. Call this variable weather. LA will be more warm, but an hour north some rain will be falling. Counter clockwise weather formations and stormy conditions are likely in the north of Ca. Think back to the previous Thanksgiving (2015). We had strange weather formations over most of the country, it is the same planetary configurations as this week. May not be as strong as next week when the moon hits Saturn and Neptune.

June 11- Cool and moist with Venus activating Uranus in an important part of the chart.



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