The Right Choosing

Huh? Right Choosing? What does that mean?

It’s just another way of saying you want to pick the right time do something, start something, or launch something. If you have a choice, you want pick right, right? Well, how do you do that? Look at the future planetary configurations, that’s what.  This week and next there is a good configuration happening for that. A chart can be set up to optimize a potential project or announcement.

This week and next I found 2 proposed IPOs. KLREU and HCM.  Previous IPOs that have occurred during the current type of planetary configurations have performed well, very well, and for a long duration. Like Monster Beverage, Paycom, and Priceline.

In my FREE Yearly Blast Report I give you one or two of these dates for the coming year.

You can order your own Report for all the dates for the coming year and get an exact date and time for your personal project or announcement.  It is a specialized horoscope chart. Go to my Success Services Page.

Use Astrology to Plan Success.  Email me at


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