Mercury conjunct Neptune, Bad for Drinking

Party planning, big or small, needs organization.  Mercury is the planet of organization. When Mercury is placed well in a sign it likes (Virgo, Capricorn) it contributes details, analysis and fact checking.  It’s not the sexiest part of planning, but it is indispensable.  So, right now Mercury is in Pisces and it is joining up with Neptune today. If you know that Pisces is the opposite sign of Virgo then you know that Mercury in Pisces is no where near fact checking. It’s the opposite, in fantasy land. It’s fine for the party goers, but not for the party hosts.

The day and time you pick for your party can avoid these types of unhelpful planetary configurations. I suggest avoid hosting a party while this planetary arrangement is happening.   Anything that requires structure and deadlines will probably disintegrate at the last minute. The dream like atmosphere is conducive to a casual hang out with friends. With lots of drinking.

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