Venus gains strength

Like Mars just lost strength, Venus is gaining strength today and the next few weeks. The dignity of a planet is very important in traditional astrology. We must evaluate if a planet is “comfortable” in a sign when looking at a chart, any chart. Could be a birth chart, weather chart, or an election chart. If you read my recent post about Mars I talk about Mars dignity as well.  If the planet is in a sign it “likes” then the planet can accomplish what its nature promises.

Venus rules Libra and Taurus and Venus just left the sign Aquarius.  Not a fun sign for Venus. Venus is entering Pisces today, a much happier place for her. Venus has dignity in Pisces where as in Aquarius she did not have dignity.  Now since Pisces is not a sign Venus rules, why does she have dignity in Pisces?

There is a dignity hierarchy. Rulership is at the top. Venus in Libra is at the top with Venus in Taurus. Venus in Pisces has dignity by element, the technical term is Triplicity.  Venus has dignity in signs that are associated with the element of water or earth.  Pisces is a water sign. In the hierarchy Triplicity is 3rd from the top.

The more dignity a planet has in a sign then the more the planet can accomplish what you are relying on it for, which is its own nature.

If you want conflict, tension and accidents then you want Mars in Scorpio or Aries like I wrote about in my Mars post. If you want desire, beauty, good times then you want Venus in Libra or Taurus or another sign it “likes”, like Pisces.

When setting up a chart for a wedding event Venus is a planet you want to be happy, in a sign it “likes”, when that wedding starts, right ?

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