Big Moon, Little Moon

Have you ever noticed that the Moon appears bigger on some nights and smaller on others? As the Moon travels around Earth the distance between it and us changes. The closest distance and the furthest usually happen near a full moon or new moon.  When the Moon is closest to us it’s called Perigee and it is a time when the Moon affects Earth’s atmosphere the most.  That is when we experience dramatic weather, the surf is bigger and the air tides, or air pressure, are more dramatic.

We just had a Perigee day on March 10.  Soon, near the next lunar eclipse the Moon will be Apogee. It will be the furthest away from Earth as it travels on its path.

The link below has a picture of the Moon taken during Apogee and Perigee compared to each other.


The distance of the Moon is considered when looking at weather forecast astrology charts.

You can know the weather in advance for any where in the world, order by emailing me.



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