Difficulties in the Skies

I am a realist. Really.  I like a good reality check. I like to be prepared. This is part of my gift to the world. I’ve mentioned the eclipses already so you know about those, it’s now eclipse season.  There are days sometimes that are loaded with challenging planetary alignments. Tomorrow is one such day. Then there is another one on the lunar eclipse day and then again 2 days later. If you know the difficulty is coming then you can set your mind up for it. It is every where in our lives, there is sigalert for LA traffic, there are tornado warnings, hurricane warnings, emergency radio broadcasting and the evening nightly news.

The planets give us even more information in the skies. All we have to do is look. One challenging planetary alignment is not a big deal, they happen regularly.  Several in one day or a week loaded with them is something to pay attention to. The far out planets (not a euphemism) Jupiter, Saturn and in modern astrology Uranus, Neptune and demoted Pluto creating configurations with each other affects the public masses, but don’t hit close to home until a faster moving, personal planet (Mercury, Venus etc.) enters into the  configuration. Tomorrow (Mar 14) we have Mercury/Saturn, Venus/Mars, and Mercury/Pluto to deal with.

So, take it easy tomorrow, don’t be hard on yourself. The planets are annoying us right now. The mighty planetary gods are doing their thing like usual and we get decide how to react to it.

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