LA Weather 7/26-8/1 2016

Cool shades are a must for summer.

Free weather forecast here, for Los Angeles. Months in advance. It’s Last Quarter Moon for July 2016. The major planetary players this week are Uranus, Mercury and the Leo Stellium. Uranus goes direct in its path and Mercury moves into Virgo breaking up the Stellium (stellium is 3 or more planets in same sign).  Temps not so consistent this week.

July 26- Continuing heat from last week, clear skies.

July 27- Not as hot, clear skies. Mercury trines Uranus.

July 28- Gets hot again.

July 29- Mercury squares Mars, hot with erratic spurts of wind.

July 30- Temperature drops, Mercury leaves Leo to end the Hot stellium of planets.

July 31- Venus trines Uranus making the skies clear not as hot.

Aug 1- Sun trines Saturn always brings some clouds and gloom.


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