Weather Curious?

So what is going on with Storm Regis?  Lately I have been only looking at LA weather because I do a Free forecast for LA here.  But the other night I was thinking I want to study more major storms. Predicting them and following them for analysis. We don’t get major storms in LA very often. I remembered that Jupiter is about to square Saturn and although it doesn’t affect LA much I know that it would causing a major storm somewhere in the world. That’s what Jupiter and Saturn do together. They get stormy.

Jupiter is the classic warm front in weather and Saturn is the classic cold front. They influence the weather for months as they form and reform into various configurations. Jupiter makes things bigger, if he forms with Mercury than the wind can become a gale force.  Saturn restricts things and creates obstacles, in other words causes problems. So when they get together like they are about to, hot and cold mix to create a storm, like the steam in your bathroom when you turn on hot water in a cold room.  But it has to happen in a sensitive point in the weather charts for it manifest in your city.

The other critical aspect happening is Venus joining Neptune, two moisture planets that cause rain and snow.  This aspect happens once a year, but this time it is happening right before the Jupiter/Saturn square.

I looked at charts for New York, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Augusta in Maine and some others. All of them have these these stormy aspects happening in sensitive points of their weather charts. Not the same sensitive points, but similar. So these aspects suggest a theme but it has to be triggered by a faster moving planet or satellite. A planet that is closer to Earth’s atmosphere, the closer the more obvious the affect.

The Moon is often the trigger and it is this time. The moon is traveling in the sign Leo right now (making it nice and warm in LA) and then it will go in to Virgo.  10 degrees Virgo will trigger the Venus/Neptune union by opposing it and then the moon will get to about 16 1/2 degrees Virgo joining Jupiter to trigger the the square to Saturn and also by the way Jupiter happens to be in an easy aspect with Pluto so now intensity and an extreme nature get added to the already stormy theme suggested.

Voila! Major Storm Regis is born.

Email for a weather report all your own.

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