Dignified Events

What makes an event successful? It depends on the event and the goals of the event. Whoever is hosting an event should appear in control, organized, courteous, knowledgeable and dignified according to the type of event.  If a good day and time have been chosen for the start of an event then the area of an election chart symbolizing the host can be optimized for the qualities above. This can be done no matter how disorganized or scattered an actual host is in everyday life. During the event the host will appear completely organized and in control.

Each month there is a various number planets in what are considered strong or dignified signs.  The more planets in strong, dignified signs the better for an election chart. The better the possibility that all things will go according to plan. Right now, for example, the Sun is about to go into Aries and Venus is in Pisces.  One planet and the Sun in good, dignified signs.  One of these would be used in the election chart to represent the host, giving her/him the most dignity.  For the last 2 1/2 weeks we also had a mutual reception between Mercury and Jupiter (mutual reception is a different topic). There are only 2 days that overlap with the above planets and signs. March 20 and 21 included Sun Aries, Venus Pisces, and Mercury/Jupiter in mutual reception. That is four planetary bodies out of seven (only traditional planets can have dignity) possible to be placed well in strong signs. One to represent the host and the others to rep the event itself. That’s pretty good, although it is only for those 2 days. If you look at the Moon for those 2 days you find that it goes into Virgo which is a good sign for Virgo.  So for that one day you could have 5 planetary bodies in dignified signs.

Interestingly enough this falls on one of the days that will have the most weather going on this week. So, if you are planning an online event, (like a webinair or conference call) for example, the weather probably won’t impact your event attendance. Now if you were planning an outdoor event in the North East of the U.S. you would want to know what the weather would be like in your area. If not, the weather that is there for March 21 would most likely cause the cancellation of the event. All that planning for nothing. No one wants that.


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