Easter Holiday Astrology

The image is to encourage serenity for a uneven weekend.

You can’t always pick the day to celebrate. There are many holidays that have set dates or set ways of the date being calculated. Easter is one of those holidays. To calculate the date for Easter first you find the first day of spring then the first full moon after that day. The Sunday after the full moon is Easter Sunday and correspondingly the Friday before Easter becomes Good Friday. That is why Easter is not always the same date each year.

So if you can’t pick the day or weekend to have a celebratory event then all you can do is arm yourself with the information of what the planets are doing at that time. This year there is much planetary activity around and on the weekend of Easter.  The Lunar eclipse occurs mid week and then Good Friday is loaded with a Saturn retrograde, Venus/Jupiter opposition, and a Venus/Saturn square. Plenty of challenges and laborious work are gearing up.  The next day in the weekend an “accident prone” Sun/Mars trine and intense desire Venus/Pluto sextile are putting us on the emotional tilt-a-whirl. The moon is in Scorpio adding emphasis to the intensity. For Easter Sunday the Moon makes no aspects with the planets giving you the chance to “let it go”.  The mood will be better Sunday than either Friday or Saturday. Venus will be activating the Solar eclipse point we just had so Sunday is the best day of the weekend but not pressure free.

Friday and Saturday need less scheduling, little to no pressure about important decisions.

Plan ahead, if you had this information at least a month before, then this holiday weekend could’ve been planned according to the above issues.

Use Astrology to Plan Success.



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