Plan According to Mercury

How to plan for Mercury filled week. Mercury is the messenger and travels through the signs quickly, s/he (I write s/he because Mercury is a neutral planet) is the planet of wind and fleet footedness.  Mercury is closer to Earth than any other planet therefore it affects our day to day happenings on Earth more. When Mercury goes retrograde people notice, when Saturn goes retrograde it takes a lot longer to notice.

If you are event planning then use Mercury appropriately. Tomorrow Mercury trines Saturn, Wednesday s/he squares Pluto, Thursday Mercury unites with Uranus. Yep a busy little bee, that Mercury. Today, Tuesday, is good for timing of important communication, Wednesday good for letting go of control and Thursday’s good for communicating online. Be fleet footed with it though, get in and get out. No lingering or loitering. Otherwise on Friday the April fool’s joke may be on you.



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