Trejo’s Tacos Opening Analysis

You may or may not have heard of the new taco restaurant well known actor Danny Trejo opened last month.  This is the type of event that is good to choose a day and time based on planetary configurations.  According to his facebook page he had a soft opening and an official opening. Both of these openings can be planned to maximize success. I have no idea how Danny Trejo chose his dates for his new restaurant. Below is an analysis of his soft opening astrological chart.

Soft opening was March 9, 2016 11:00am. First thing to note is that is the day after our recent Solar Eclipse 19 at degrees Pisces. Traditionally not a good time to launch a venture. Next, the ruling planet of the chart is Mercury and it is placed in the 10th house of the chart. This is a very good place for the ruling planet, it is not in a good sign though and it is about to join Neptune the planet of illusion. The sun is also in the  10th which is good, but not in a good sign. The moon is still in the 10th as well in it’s waxing phase, a good thing. Unfortunately the moon’s next configuration is with Mars the planet of conflict and accidents.

Having 3 planets plus the moon in the 10th is favorable for getting known in the public but the way they are configured with each other and other planets shows that something is not clear about the business and there will be some problems along the way that may show up in 6 months when we have another eclipse in Pisces.

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