Mercury Retrograde


Beware of Mercury shadow period. This happens before the planet goes retrograde. People get so bummed out about Mercury retrograde it is hard to warn them about the shadow period as well. About 3 1/2 weeks 3-4 times a year Mercury goes retrograde.  Before the actual date of retrograde though, Mercury is already slowing down. For this year that starts tomorrow, April 7th. Mercury travels fast, it is the fastest planet (moon is a satellite, not a planet) so instead of moving almost 3 degrees every day it is now 2 3/4 degrees and so on until it apparently stops then moves backwards.

Best thing to do is arm yourself with the knowledge of how it affects your personal chart.  In general travel plans get derailed, signed contracts come back to haunt you etc. for a Mercury retrograde period. Where it is doing that in your chart will give you the specific area of your life it can affect. The more personal contacts it has with your chart, the more it will affect you. This means… is the retrograde happening on your Sun? for example. If it is you will have more personal experiences of the retrograde. If it does not contact any of your personal points and planets then you will just be witnessing the car accidents and spousal fighting around you.

Mercury is retrograde April 29- May 22. It is now in it’s shadow period, time to prep for the possible snafus.

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