Mars Retrograde

All the planets (not luminaries) go retrograde in their cycle at some point. Mars joins Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in apparent backward motion.  They slow down so much in their orbit around the sun that they seem to be going backwards. This affects all kinds of things.

This many, (and more coming) planets retrograde creates more extreme weather. A retrograde Mars means more heat and turbulence.  When it contacts other planets there can be many weather problems. Higher velocity winds with Mercury, a heat wave with Jupiter, extremely freakish weather with Neptune. It’s good to know these retrogrades when planning a vacation, important outdoor adventure, important event where attendance is critical.

Planning  in general can be affected without weather being a factor. What does Mars symbolize? Action and conflict. Can’t plan a wedding with out taking action every step of the way. In a retrograde period action is likely to be stalled or hindered in some way, any momentum is likely to sloooow doooowwwn. More conflict than usual. Guess what? Mars retrograde lasts longer than a Mercury retrograde, and we all know what that is like.

Mars retrogrades for 2 months in the sign Sagittarius to Scorpio.

Use Astrology to Plan Success.

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