Positivity Today

Several times a week I’ll post a positive sentence or two. Positive thoughts for you, every one of you. We all need to hear helpful words that make us feel empowered and focused. It is easy to be distracted by the negative. I feel it everyday. I wanted to write down a positive thought type of sentence for myself everyday, but I didn’t do it. I kept reminding myself, still, it didn’t happen. I figured the only way to make it happen was to write it out in the open for other people.  Funny, now it’s happening. It makes me focus on the positive words and it will let other people focus on positive words too when they see it.

My positivity is of course based on astrology, positive words can help you create success. My posted thoughts here will reflect what is happening with the planets in the heavens. Mercury is going retrograde now.

You know when and how to effectively communicate in steady and practical way.

Use Astrology to Plan Success



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