Bernie Sanders Chart

Bernie profected chart is up next.  I am comparing apples to apples here, in other words I am discussing Bernie’s chart the same way I did Hillary’s.  I briefly describe Profection analysis in my post about Hillary’s chart here .  Bernie’s chart is not contested by astrologers. The planets affecting his current profected house can be analyzed as well. Right now though I am keeping the discussion the same for both charts.

Bernie Sanders’ current profected house is the fourth house. This is one of the angular houses in a chart.  The other angular houses are 1,7, and 10.  The angles make things happen more strongly than the other non-angular houses of a chart.  The fourth has to do with home, domestic happenings, family, and the root of our existence.

Bernie is 75 years old now and, yes, everyone who is 75 has the fourth profected house, but how each person’s planets affect that house is different.

So, while Bernie has been campaigning his family has probably been on his mind more than usual.  Family life is always an issue for presidential hopefuls and Bernie’s is more unconventional than most.  He has maintained a grassroots style of campaign finance, sticking to his ideals in speaking and sticking to what is at the root of his existence.

In September Bernie will turn 76 years old. This will start his new profected house, the fifth house.  By this time we will know if he is the democratic candidate or not.  The fifth house is associated with children, entertainment, and speculation. In short, how does one enjoy fun? Obviously not a key area of life, therefore, not an angle in the chart.  It can produce winning, but speculation is the key word for this house. This profected house on its own does not suggest winning a presidential election assuming he gets the nomination. It is not impossible, but not likely.

Next chart Donald Trump (Drumpf)


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