Hillary Clinton Chart

What is happening in Hillary Clinton’s chart?  The front for the democratic nomination has dhad the presidential seat as a goal for a long time. We know she has the drive and ambition, but do the planetary alignments show her desired outcome as a possibility?

First, her chart information is not verified for 100% accuracy unfortunately.  The day, year and place are not contested, just the time.  It is either 8:02 am or 8:02 pm. So what can we do?  One of the techniques we can use is the profected house.  This works according to the age she is, no matter what her birth time is.

Profection is an ancient forecasting tool in astrology.  Each year of life an individual is influenced the most by one house of their chart.  It goes in order of the houses 1-12.  First year of life (0-1) is influenced by the first house.  It goes on from there chronologically. In profection the house number and the planets affecting that house are studied. If a chart’s accuracy is questionable we are guessing which planets are affecting it.

Hillary Clinton is 68 years old now, until her birthday in October.  On her birthday her profected house will change to the next house in chronological order. Right now her profected house is the 9th house. In October it becomes the 10th house.

If you know anything about what the houses in a horoscope chart mean, then you know it is a good sign for Hillary when the presidential election takes place.  This past year has been her 9th profected house which is about foreign affairs, foreign travel, philosophical endeavors, seeking guidance from others, and education. This describes her current year of campaigning as she traveled the U.S. talking to people about her presidential ideals and promises.  Her campaign had a shaky start and then gained support as the year progressed. On Hillary’s birthday in October her profected house will change to the 10th house.  This is the house of career, public image, honor, and power to name a few. It looks good for Hillary Clinton to win the nomination and the presidential seat.

There are many other techniques to look at, but when you are looking at an unverified chart it becomes too speculative. Many astrologers have tested her chart with several techniques, but the astrologers don’t all agree on which time is correct for her chart.

Side Note:  Any individual with a questionable birth time can have rectification done to their chart.There are quite few astrologers that offer this service.

Next chart discussed here will be Bernie Sanders.





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