Donald Trump Chart

Now let’s look at Donald Trump’s chart.  His chart information is not contested.  I am going to describe his profected house for this year and next year the same way I did for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

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Profection is an ancient forecasting tool in astrology.  Each year of life an individual is influenced the most by one house of their chart.  It goes in order of the houses 1-12.  First year of life (0-1) is influenced by the first house.  It goes on from there chronologically. In profection the house number and the planets affecting that house are studied. If a chart’s accuracy is questionable we are guessing which planets are affecting it. You want to take the time to verify your birth details.

Donald’s current profected house will end in June, on his birthday.  He will be 70 years old. I have described this house in my article about Hillary Clinton.  I’ll describe it again here. The 10th house is the place of public image, career, honor, prestige, and power.   This describes this past year of Donald’s provocative self promotion.  He seems to have been in the public eye more than the other candidates.  He probably hasn’t, but he has the appearance of speaking in public more often than the other candidates. He seems quoted more than the other candidates as well.

On June 14 Donald’s profected house will change to the 11th house.  This is the house of friends, groups of people (organizations) and good fortune.  If you look at the 10th house as representing the ruler of a country (a king, queen, prime minister or president) than you could look at the 11th house as containing the things that the ruler values.  The 11th house is not as strong as the 10th but generally a very positive house of a horoscope chart.

I wrote this out yesterday before I heard the Indiana primary results and the leader of the Republican party naming Donald the “presumptive nominee”.  Donald coming out of his 10th house and into his 11th suggests him getting the Republican nomination and the possibility of him winning the election. Personally, I find this very disturbing.

Next up, I will analyze Hillary’s, Bernie’s and Donald’s chart for the strength and/or weakness of their profected houses. Hillary’s chart will have to be analyzed twice because of the contested time of birth in her chart.

If you know your own personal profected house each year you can plan your life more effectively each year. I am currently in my 11th profected house and I have been focusing on making new friends, joining new organizations of people, and networking in general.


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