Major Storm Weather Forecast

A big storm is coming up May 22, 2016 in Australia. The area most affected will be the south, around Melbourne. We are about to have our last Jupiter/Square for a long time. Several parts of the world will be affected, Melbourne the most.  The most recent square we had created Storm Regis in the United States. The actual of the square will be May 26, 2016, however the moon will triggerthe storm on May 22, 2016.

The Jupiter/saturn influence is going to create a good size storm.  The picture shows the solar map for Australia. Each line represents a planet.  It shows how the planets’ influence will pass over a geographic area.  Every angle of the chart has a planet sitting on it. Venus on 1st, Neptune on 10th, Retro Mars on 7th, Jupiter on 4th and Moon on 7th (lasting one day). Venus is the wettest planet (second only to the Moon, a satellite)bringing rain.  Jupiter brings big things, usually big, beautiful weather, but not when it squares doom and gloom Saturn, hence big storm.  The trine from stationary Mercury to Jupiter equals big wind.  Retro Mars on the 7th cusp brings problems and destruction and is opposed by Venus making conditions muggy and humid.

In the U.S. we have a Pluto line running north/south through New Orleans to Memphis to Central Minnesota. All cities on this north to south path will be affected by the Pluto line.  Pluto brings extremes to typical weather patterns for the area. 

Also in the U.S. We have a Uranus line over Central Florida up to Charlotte N.C up to north east Pennsylvania. All cities on this path will be affected Uranus.  What’s Uranus? Uranus brings record breaking events, could be record heat, or cold. Not a storm this time because it is not involved in the Jupiter/Saturn square. 

When traveling these types of weather events can be avoided. If you have a weather forecast in advance.

 Use Astrology to Plan Success.

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