LA Weather 9/1-9/8 2016

I’m nearing the end of my LA summer forecast for 2016.  It is usually still quite hot in LA for September and October. The first week of September coming up can be described by Jupiter and Mercury retrograde. The main event happens at the beginning of the week with a lunar eclipse in Virgo at 9 degrees. This chart for the eclipse looks a lot like my natal chart with lots of points and planets being contacted for me personally. The next big event comes a couple of days after this week with  Saturn square to Neptune, though this affects other parts of the country.

Sept 1- Jupiter is right on LA’s location point and Mercury right next to it. The sun and moon are in square to Saturn and opposite Neptune. Variable weather but mainly warm and windy.

Sept 2- Sun opposes Neptune exactly and Jupiter will be on the IC till the 5th. Warm, hazy.

Sept 3- Wind but fair.

Sept 4 & 5- Fair weather my friend.

Sept 6- Temps a little warmer thanks to  Sun trine Pluto.

Sept 7- Venus sextiles Saturn bringing the temps back down. Some clouds

Sept 8- Cool, hazy. Moon activates Saturn square Neptune in Central Australia and Eastern Brazil.

Look out for my next Storm Weather Prediction.

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