Weather Prediction

The next major planetary configuration that causes weather is Saturn squared to Neptune.  These are slow moving planets so when they  contact each other from an astrological point of view it is considered big event.  June 17 is the exact day but it is the day before that it will be triggered weather wise when the moon trines Neptune.  Also Venus starts it contact to Neptune.  In the image you can see the Venus line intersect with Neptune in Central Washington state.  The most difficult weather will be there. Difficult weather being rain, wind, flooding.

The Sun will be going through Seattle and and surrounding cities.  You can call this variable weather because it will be drier than normal in Seattle but very wet east of there. Southwest Oregon too.

Alaska will have problematic weather as Saturn runs over that area. But, hey, it’s Alaska who really lives up there anyway?

In the midwest temperatures will drop with Uranus going through the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and southeast Texas where it is likely to drop the most.

Mars adds heat and dryness over Detroit, MI, the Virginias and North Carolina.

Windy in the north east because of Mercury. In the wind chart ruled by Mercury it will add wind to Louisiana, Arkansas, and Missouri and Illinois and Michigan.


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