Hillary Clinton Chart Part 2

I previously wrote about Hillary’s chart analyzing her Profected house for the current year, but I wrote in general terms because the time of her birth is not verified. It could be 8:02am or 8:02pm. Now I am writing about her chart for the 8:02am time and then I will write about her chart with the 8:02pm time. You can view her 8:02am chart here

I am still using the technique called Profection. On her birthday in October her Profected house will become the 10th. The 10th house of her chart will have the most emphasis or influence for that year (from birthday to birthday). The 10th house describes a person’s public image, career, and honor. Let’s look at Hillary’s 10th house in the 8:02am chart.

The sign on this house is Leo. Leo is a natural leader and says that Hillary’s career will have a leader ship role. Leo is associated with the Sun, the center of our galaxy. Therefore her 10th is ruled by the Sun. I’ll describe her sun in a moment. Her Mid Heaven (highest point the sun reached in its path that day) is in the 10th house and is ruled by Mercury.  There are no planets in the 10th house but Saturn is extremely close to the border of her 10th house. Her Sun is in the sign of Scorpio, a water sign. The Sun is not at its brightest in Scorpio, it is hampered by this sign.  Scorpio is determined, set in its ways and investigative. So we have a career with a leadership role that expresses itself as fixed but not usually forthcoming with its agenda. Her sun sits in the weak 12th house of illness and confinement so this not helpful. There is one thing that is helpful and that is her sun is in a favorable configuration with her Mid Heaven, her sun is connected to the highest peak in her chart. So the leadership role is there but has obstacles and is not always as healthy as it could be.

The Mid Heaven is a sensitive point in a chart and in Hillary’s chart it is in the sign of Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury. Let’s look at her Mercury. Mercury is in Scorpio, the determined, set in its ways, and investigative sign. It is sitting on Hillary’s 1st house (1st = Hillary, her person and identity) and it is retrograde (moving in apparent backward motion). Mercury in Scorpio is not the strongest sign for it, Mercury is not “at home” with Scorpio, but it is headed toward Venus which is a planet of good fortune. Because it sits on the 1st it is able to manifest events connected to career, not always helpful events but tangible results for sure. More importantly this Mercury is in a difficult square to Saturn which sits next to the 10th house. There will always be conflict between her and her image and or career.  These two houses (1st & 1oth) are the most powerful houses in any chart, in Hillary’s chart the two are connected in more than one way. Not all charts are like that. this means it is capable of manifesting the role of President of the USA.

I will analyze the other possible chart for Hillary next.




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