LA Weather 9/9-9/15

Weather forecast for LA end of summer. September can be hot and even October as well. This season will have those moments again. The Sun, Mars and Mercury are the key players this week. It is First Quarter moon and the moon is between Apogee and Perigee. Apogee means furthest away from Earth in its orbit and Perigee means closest to Earth.

Sep 9 & 10- Hot days while moon joins Mars

Sep 11- Cloudy then clears, Venus squares Pluto. Unusual weather around the country because Saturn squares Neptune one last time.

Sep 12- Some wind, hot air, disturbed atmosphere, Retro Mercury squares Mars.

Sep 13- Hot and dry, Sun squares Mars.

Sep 14 & 15- Temperature drops, moon crosses an angle and joins with Neptune. Dryness abates.

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