Hot Summer Los Angeles

Most of LA’s summer weather I have already forecasted. I thought I would do a post to give the dates of the most uncomfortably hot days that are coming up this summer. If you want to see each week go to my site’s categorie section and click on LA Weather, all of my forecasts for LA will come up.

Typical LA weather in summer is hot and dry, occasionally we get humidity, but it is not typical. In the summer the average high temperatures are 78 to 84 degrees fahrenheit. This is for the general downtown LA area. The San Fernando valley areas get hotter and drier. The record highs range from 106 to 113 in downtown LA.

There are many charts and factors to look at for predicting the weather. The first day of the season is the starter chart and then I add in moon phase charts, Mercury charts for wind, compare these charts to California’s chart, declination of the Sun, moon and planets, the distance of the moon to Earth, and mapping of the planets over the geography of the planet (see previous pics for this). There are some other factors to look at, but I’ve listed the main ones.

The days coming up that are most likely to be the hottest are:

June 26/27- Here we have Jupiter aspecting Pluto. Jupiter is passing near Los Angeles and brings good weather in general, but when combined with Pluto it becomes extreme. Jupiter like to make things bigger and likes to make things excessive. In this case it is too much of a good thing, too hot!

July 7- Around this day the heat will be especially uncomfortable because of of the Sun  in difficult aspect to Pluto again. The Sun is heat and dryness, with Pluto even more so.

July 14-Mars crosses location point in the solstice chart. And we have the two celestial bodies that bring heat come together, that’s the Sun and Mars. Temps will rise and probably tempers too. More fires likely around this time.

Sep 6- One of the eclipses happens this week which always brings exaggeration. The Sun aspects Pluto again but not as difficult a pattern. Likely to be above average, but not as hot as the previous dates mentioned.

Sep 13- The Sun and Mars meet again, but not happily. They are in a problematic aspect to each other and bring really hot and dry weather.

*Bonus note- A couple of the cooler temperature days are Aug 1 and Sep 1.



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