Mars goes Direct

June 29, 2016. Mars is about to go Direct after 2 months of retrograde motion. It is at 23 degrees of Scorpio although it started its retrograde in Sagittarius. Mars will slowly pick up speed  and get to the degree it was at when it went retrograde (9 degrees Sag) on Aug 22. In your own chart look for these degrees: 23 Scorpio, 23 Taurus, 9 Sagittarius, 9 Gemini. Mars can trigger planets or important points in your chart at the above degrees.

To know your Mars is to know how conflict arises in your life. Basically Mars has a 2 year cycle. It will come around to the same degree it was at when you were born every 2 years. You could call it a Mars birthday. In one year Mars will oppose your birth Mars. Example: birth Mars in Scorpio is opposed in a year when Mars is in Taurus. Mars birthday and opposed Mars are the most likely to create an event, depending on what the other planets are doing at that time. Six months from Mars birthday and six months from opposed Mars, Mars squares birth Mars. To stick with the above example after Mars birthday Mars will travel along through the signs and when it gets to Aquarius it will square the birth Mars in Scorpio. Six months after Mars is in Taurus it will be in Leo, which squares birth Mars again.

The dates for these events are helpful to know, especially if you want to improve your “resolve conflict” skills.

I will be writing another a more in depth article about this.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!



  1. Reblogged this on Welcome to Serenity's Gift Cove (SGC) and commented:
    Mars is the “masculine” planet… he can be agressive and impatient, but he can also be our hero…. those with personal mars influences in their chart are the folks that help things happen… however, as good as they are at starting things, they aren’t always that great at finishing them… 🙂 … thanks for the article Planet Blast…


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