Hillary Chart Part 3

This is the other possible chart for Hillary Clinton. Remember her birth time, 8:02 a.m. or 8:02 p.m. is not verified. I am using the same technique as I used for my other posted analysis in Hillary Clinton Part 2, Profection.  I am looking at her 10th house because that will be her Profected house when the election takes place. Remember, the 10th house describes career and public image.

The chart I am looking at is the 8:02 pm one. According to this time of birth below is the description of her 10th house. The 10th house is ruled by Aries and Mars rules Aries. 10th house = career and public image. Having Aries here means her career and image are pioneering and aggressive. Mars is in Leo, Mars is not entirely at home here. Leo would  subdue the aggression on its own. In Hillary’s chart, though, Mars is joined very closely with Pluto. This is the planet of extremes so the aggressive image is not that mitigated.

Her Mars is located in the 2nd house with Pluto and Saturn, a powerful and structured trio. Since Mars is the planet that naturally creates conflict then this joins her career with conflict over money or her valuables.  Because Saturn and Pluto are there as well then it could be extreme (Pluto) conflict (Mars) over how her career money is organized (Saturn).  This pertains to her personal money not her political campaign money.

Her Mars rules over the 5th house as well because Scorpio is the sign on the house. 5th house matters are associated with children and socializing. These areas will have conflict related to her income from career and will affect her child (since we know there is only one) and Hillary’s social life.

Hillary’s moon is conjunct the 10th house cusp (in whole sign houses). It is in the sign Pisces which is different than the 10th house sign of Aries. Her moon is so close to the 10th house that it will have an affect on her career although it is not in the same sign as her career house. Her moon is how she nurtures and what she needs. She needs to be needed and reach for the ideal for the collective.

The Moon rules over this whole chart because Cancer is the sign on the ascendant. The sign Cancer would describe her; quiet, hard outer shell with soft insides, and sensitive. Moon being in Pisces is comfortable, not completely at home but welcomed. The Moon connects Hillary personally to her career in this chart by a square aspect of the Moon to her ascendant. The square suggests many challenges between her personal life and career. This Moon also connects to Jupiter in Sagittarius by a (out of sign) trine which is in the house related to the working class but also to disease. Hillary will have support of the working class since the trine is a helpful aspect but she could also get “run down” health wise from her career.

The most powerful combination of planets is Mars, Saturn and Pluto. No matter what time Hillary was born the trio of planets have a great affect on her career.

Both charts, the one in part 2 more so, suggest Hillary winning the 2016 presidential race.

Knowing this kind of information about your own chart (your current personal Profected house) helps you plan WHEN to reach for your goals. Maybe Hillary didn’t use astrology the last time she tried for the presidential candidacy and this time she did. This time is a much better shot at it.






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  1. Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology and commented:
    Probably a no-brainer to say that she will win the election over Mr. Trump. But, the real question is whether or not she will lead us into a particularly bloody war. This says she will, doesn’t it?


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