Mars Return Guide

You can plan according to your Mars. Mars creates conflict, but the conflict varies from person to person because Mars varies from person to person. The variables are sign, house placement, locations of birth and day chart vs. night chart to name a few. When I say creates conflict I mean to say it is it’s nature, like the Sun creates life on Earth. Knowing and understanding your Mars is the first step to coping with conflict.

This article is about planning for the dates that transiting (current) Mars will activate your birth Mars, thus activating conflict. If you are new to astrology then look at my Basics page for definitions.

Mars has a 2 year cycle around the Sun in which it travels through the 12 signs of the zodiac.  This 2 year cycle is called a Return. As in “many happy returns” that people say when there is a birth day being celebrated. Mars has come back to its birth position in your chart. This is a Mars Return.

Some knowledge of astrology and access to an ephemeris will help you find the exact dates that Mars will activate your birth Mars by conjuncting, squaring, opposing, and squaring again your Mars.  When transiting (current) Mars conjuncts your birth Mars they are both at the same degree and sign. This is the start of the Return cycle.

Think of the Mars Return as a New Moon.  It is a new beginning or the start of a new conflict theme for the next 2 years. Each square and opposition will bring up a chance to refine how you handle, approach, or cope with the conflict for the current cycle.

Special Note-Mars also Trines and Sextiles your birth Mars but these are likley to be easy events. The events that demand attention will probably be the Return, Opposition, and the 2 Squares. The Opposition happens when 2 points are exactly opposite each other, as in politics there are Democrats with opposite views to Republicans. In other words they don’t want to give each other what the other wants. The Square is a half way point between an opposition, the 2 points recognize what the other wants but are only willing to give half.

The dates to write down are the day of the Return, the day of first Square, the day of the Opposition, and the last Square. Go ahead and include the 3-4 days prior to the exact date since Mars can be impulsive and act up a little early.

Now make a note of the house of your chart Mars will be in during each aspect. The house will tell you what area of life you’ll find conflict. These will always be the same. This is because Mars will always be in the same sign when it forms the aforementioned aspects to your birth Mars. The zodiac sign setup in your chart will never change so when Mars opposes  your birth Mars it will always be in the same house of your chart. Example- let’s say your Mars is in Capricorn in the 4th house. The house opposite the 4th is the 10th. When Mars goes into the sign of Cancer (sign opposite Capricorn) it will be in your 10th house of your chart and this position will always oppose your Mars in Capricorn.

What will change through the years is what the other planets are doing at the moment  Mars makes these aspects to your birth Mars. You can do a chart for each moment (4 charts for 2 years) that will give you more information about any conflict coming up for the current cycle.

When Mars activates your birth Mars it will activate any aspect Mars has to a planet or point  in your chart. You want to make a note of these aspects too so you can plan for the date it is activated. Example- if your birth Mars is in the 7th house  and has a square from your Moon in the 4th house then both your Mars and your Moon will be activated when transiting Mars squares your birth Mars. The conflict would likely be between your partner and your family on how to care for someone else.

By planning for your Mars conflict cycle you can better prepare for and manage any events that arise. Each cycle you’ll get better at handling the familiar and new arguments that come up.

I am currently working on a Mars Step by Step Guidebook to understanding your birth Mars and coping with the conflict it creates in your life.

Is there a certain planet or part of your chart you want to read more about on this site? Let me know in the comments below.

Soon I’ll put up my services for a Mars list of dates and a Mars Return report.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!






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