The Moon Helps You Plan

The Moon is one of the important factors when planning a horoscope for a successful venture. The sign the Moon is in and how it is contacting other planets and points in a chart are significant. We all know the moon cycle, it phases from new to full and back to new. This is one factor in planning. The Moon is the link that connects Earth to the other planets. An example of “bad” timing- the sign Scorpio is probably the worst sign you could have the Moon in when planning anything, waxing or waning.

Today is a day that is “bad” for planning or starting. The Moon is making contacts to the Malefics, “bad” planets. These 2 planets are Mars and Saturn.  Yes, some planets are “good” and some are “bad”. If you are planning something most people want this something to turn out well. They want it to be good, not bad. Today the Moon is in Sagittarius, so is Mars and so is Saturn. Mars will conjunct (join with) Mars in the afternoon and then conjunct Saturn late at night (PDT). If you want something to start out badly by all means go ahead.

Very early in the morning, around 4:20am PDT, the Moon will contact Jupiter, a “good” planet in a sextile.  If you wanted to use that for example you would have to start your project before 4:20am otherwise the Moon will leave the good behind and bring in the bad. This is because the Moon will be heading toward the bad.

If you use the Moon as an ally it will make your new ventures successful and more rewarding.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!





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