Mercury Slow Down

In my July Monthly Planet Blast newsletter I included a date for when Mercury starts to slow down. Mercury is starting its slow ellipse part of its orbit around the Sun. All the planets slow down before they actually go retrograde.  If you have been putting off fixing your car, best to do it now or wait till beginning of October.

Mercury does not actually go retrograde until August 30. From July 20- August 29 Mercury will be steadily putting on the brakes. Use this information to plan. If you have been thinking about buying a new printer or new phone, do it now.  Especially if you think your old phone won’t make it till Oct 1.

Be prepared for malfunctions of all kinds. A card reader may do something it never has done before. More traffic delays. Missed emails. Double bookings. Sometimes you just have to double check your schedule, and your friends schedule and your clients schedule. Probably a bad idea to plan a party.

“Wasn’t Mercury just retrograde?” You say. The answer is yes, it came out of retro last May. Guess what? Mercury goes retro a lot. It is the planet with the fastest speed, the smallest orbit, and the quickest retrogrades.

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