Plan a Weekend Getaway

This weekend coming up is the best weekend of the month to “get away from it all”. If you have my July Monthly Blast then you already know this. Every month I send out dates that are good and dates that are not so good for various planning activities.

This weekend July 22-24 is a good weekend for a short trip. The best day to leave actually is Saturday morning about 8:30 am Pacific time. The moon will be about to aspect Jupiter which is the beneficial planet for daylight hours. You can think of the moment you leave your home as the start of your vacation or trip. So picking the optimal time to leave is the goal. For this weekend that is Saturday July 23 8:30am.

Why do you want to start your trip at a good astrological time? It is like getting out of bed and everything just going your way. If the moon in the start chart is positioned right it will start the trip off right and continue on that way.

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