LA Weather 9/16-22 2016

I know, I know, I am behind in my LA weather forecast.  I working on some exciting things for this site though.

This weather forecast is for September 16-22, the last eclipse of 2016. It is a full moon in Pisces which means the eclipse is Lunar. More extreme weather events happen during and after a full moon. The key planets this week are Mars, Venus, and Uranus.

Sept 16- Lunar Eclipse, cloudy but warm in the day, clear by evening.

Sept 17- Mars and Uranus raise the air pressure and create dry conditions.

Sept 18- Venus and Uranus bring back the moisture still warm.

Sept 19- Probably the hottest day this week, Venus and Mars together bring heat and humidity.  *** Heat wave likely in Louisiana, West Tennessee, Mississippi, Illinois & Michigan.

Sept 20 & 21- Wind could pick up, Mercury and Pluto are retrograde and Mercury is getting ready to change to direct.

Sept 22- Fair and warm

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