Mars/Saturn Conjunction

Coming up on August 24 is Mars conjuncting Saturn. They are the two Malefics in astrology. They cause the most problems. Every two years they conjunct, but each time it is in different signs and under different circumstances or different horoscope set up.

This year’s circumstances are not ideal.  It will happen during Eclipse season. We have a Lunar Eclipse August 18, Solar Eclipse September 1 and Lunar Eclipse September 16. Major world events usually happen at these times. Obviously world events happen at other times as well, but there seems to be a concentrated amount during  Eclipses.

Olga Morales has recorded a very informative video about the Eclipses coming up. Her system of astrology is different than the majority of astrologers and she focuses on financial markets. She has accurately predicted world events, including the recent outbreak of the Zika virus. You may not understand the technical terms and charts but you will still be able to follow along with her slides in the video.

Mars will be out of bounds during this time which means more extreme problems. Markets will probably drop dramatically during this coming Eclipse season.

When you have fore knowledge you can plan success.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!

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