Halloween LA Weather 2016

This is part of my free LA Weather forecast. I post my local weather forecast anywhere from 2 to 6 months in advance. I try to keep it at least 3 months ahead, but I’ve fallen behind a little.

For Halloween week Oct 30-Nov 6 in Los Angeles it will be a new moon, Sun and Moon will be conjunct in Scorpio. The main influencer will be Venus with Neptune & Uranus contributing. It is usually cold by the time Halloween arrives. Last year, though, it was hot.

Oct 30- Early in the day it will be hazy and cloudy and then clearing. Mercury trines Neptune.

Oct 31- Warm and fair.

Nov 1- Back to haziness and fog. Sun trines Neptune.

Nov 2- Venus crosses an angle right about the same time the Moon does. Misty and wet. Maybe some light rain.

Nov 3- Skies clearing.

Nov 4- Air pressure rises keeping the skies clear. Venus now trines Uranus.

Nov 5 & 6- Fair and average temperatures.

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