Polls Drop for Drumpf

Reports are coming out about public opinion of Trump. It is sinking and he needs to reboot his campaign. I wrote about the potential Presidential nominees a couple of months ago and I remember thinking that after Trump’s birthday his new profected house in his chart would cause public opinion to go against him. I said this to some people. I thought I wrote it in my post, but no, I did not.

Trump is in his 11th projected house which is ruled by his Mercury which is in the 12th house of self sabotage. A planet has more power in a house as opposed to ruling a house and his Sun is in the 11th. His is okay, not great in strength being in Gemini, the real issue is his Moon opposed to his Sun. Putting on a global perspective when looking at a chart you could say the Sun is the leader and the Moon is the public. In this chart public is opposed to this leader. Since this is the house activated for the year these issues manifest.

Here is a link to recent news about Trump’s campaign.

And another one

Think about what you can avoid if you know your chart and how it will manifest in coming years. You can plan around these events.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!



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