California Drought 8/18/16

California and many parts of the U.S. are considered to be in a drought, a serious drought, since mid 2012.  It takes more than one season to create a drought.  I’ll be writing mainly about California. By mid 2012 rainfall in California was already low.  Once you have a second season with low rain fall it is considered a drought.  It is now 2016 and California still has not had more than a minimum of rainfall; we are at 6 seasons of drought.  I’ve lived in California all my life so far, there has always been periods of time that the state was considered to be in drought.  I’m surprised more planning inside the state government hasn’t take place. We know we have an arid climate why don’t we have more long term plans in place so that the state can better deal with the droughts that always come.  Hoping it rain eventually is not a plan, that’s primitive rain dancing.  It wasn’t until last year (2015) that we started being constantly reminded to conserve our water usage via billboard ads, tv commercials and social media ads.  We knew we were in a drought in 2013 and it’s in 2015 that we are told to conserve?

So when will the drought end?

I’ve started looking ahead with astrology techniques to see if the drought is ending soon.  So far the charts show only a small amount of optimism.  There is one major factor that will be ending a year from now (in Aug 2017).  In the progressed chart for the state of California Mars has been slowly moving over the location point of California since, yep you guessed it, 2012.  If you know anything about progressed planetary movement then you know once a point is activated it is under a planet’s influence for a long time. Mars’ temperament is considered to be hot and dry (see my Basics page). Mars is also at the most critical point, it is exact on the location point of the chart. The drought is at its worst.  I believe the raging fires we’ve had and are having right now this summer can be attributed to this.  A year from now Mars will have moved past the critical point.  Its influence will lessen the further it moves from the this point.

Coming Winters

An overview of this coming winter (2016-2017) will definitely not be full of rain.  We will still be under the Mars influence of heat and dryness.  The rain we get will be sporadic.  A few storms, but again not enough to alleviate our drought.

Looking a year later at winter 2017-2018 the charts for California show a typical winter for our climate.  There will be rain, but an average amount. That isn’t enough to end a drought either.  A remaining question is, will it be as hot and dry as it has been during the spring and summer months?  I’ll answer that question at a later date.

How does the Moon fit in?

Around January 2017 another factor will start to change regarding weather systems.  The Moon’s declination range will become more extreme. The Moon travels up and down over our equator north and south every month.  Part of this cycle is divided into 9 years, for 9 years the moon moves only 18 1/2 degrees north or south of the equator.  18 1/2 degrees is the farthest it travels during those 9 years. The next 9 years the Moon starts traveling further north and south to eventually 28 degrees.  During the years the Moon moves only to 18 1/2 degrees it is moving slowly therefore the weather systems it brings with it are slow and longer lasting, like a drought.  The other years the Moon moves to 28 degrees it is moving fast, hence faster weather systems, rain or dryness won’t last as long for example.  Which ever hemisphere the Moon is in, south of equator = southern hemisphere and north of equator = northern hemisphere, is where the weather is affected the most.

We have been in the 18 1/2 degrees declination period for about 8 years.  In a year or so we will enter the period of the 28 degrees declination range.  This doesn’t mean in a year or so the Moon will travel all the way to 28 degrees, it means the Moon each month for a year will travel past 18 1/2 to about a maximum of 20 degrees and then the next year a little further than that and so on for each year.

After January 2017 we will see a little more rain in California and the U.S.. The weather change will happen gradually, the rain increase won’t be discernible until 2018.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!

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