LA Weather 10/22-10/29

More Los Angles weather here. This is the last of October weather I have to do.  It is a last quarter moon 29 degrees Cancer, which generally brings the most problematic weather. This week is ruled by Venus. This planet varies with what it brings, depending on what other planet it is contacting. She makes many contacts this week. Venus can bring  a humidity, a flood, or fair weather.

Oct 22 & 23- Cool temps, a drop from the previous week. Uranus is sitting on an angle.

Oct 24- Cool with moisture, chilly.

Oct 25- As above but maybe a little rainy, Venus squares Neptune. There will be flooding somewhere in the U.S.

Oct 26- The air clears for a nice fair day, Venus sextiles Jupiter.

Oct 27- An okay day, cool, but disrupted air. Sun and Mercury are conjunct.

Oct 28- Weird weather day, unstable with wind, scattered electrical storms.

Oct 29- Gloomiest day, gray, a little stormy, chilly. Venus joins with Saturn.

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