Plan Powerful Protests

There is almost nothing worse than planning an inspired event and then having it hijacked by malicious individuals. The Dallas shootings was such an event. As a peaceful protest organized by Black Lives Matter was ending a sniper started shooting at police officers. A purposeful intention turned out badly. I want to help avert these kinds of tragedies.

Give your intentions the best option.

This was a planned and organized event. This is the type of big scale event that can be optimized for the best results. Maybe it could save lives. Picking a start time according to where planets and luminaries are placed in an astrology chart can only help the event. The planets are usually not lined up perfectly, it is challenging to find a really excellent time to start an important event. It is possible to choose a good start time.

The start time for Black Lives Matter peaceful protest was not a very good one. It wasn’t the worst I’ve seen, but it could have been a lot better. The chart for the 7:00pm start time had Jupiter ruling the rising sign (most important point of chart) which was debilitated by sign. Jupiter was in a good house by being in the 10th, but that just made it a big public mess.  Also, Saturn was sitting in the first house, where the rising sign lives. Saturn which stops and restricts things was retrograde, another to debility to the event.  3 of the good planets were in the 8th house of the chart, a terrible place for good planets since they wouldn’t be of any help to the rising sign, it is impossible for them to aspect the rising sign. The Moon which is also really important in this type of chart just entered Virgo making it square to Saturn by sign and not in aspect to the rising sign or the midheaven. So no help there either. The only thing that prevented the event from being worse was that Mars was in the 12th house, a very weak house. Mars was the worst planet in this chart and it was tucked away in the 12th house. I’m grateful for that.

What could have been.

I looked at other times for that day that would have been better. Earlier that day at 2:20pm would have been a much better time to start even though it may have been way too hot weather wise for the physical march. The chart would have had both Mars and Saturn “out of the way” in the 2nd and 3rd houses respectively. The Moon would have been in a sextile with Saturn by sign which is better than a square. Also, the Moon was in a sextile aspect with the rising sign by sign. The rising sign would have been Libra (the peacemaker), ruled by Venus which was in an okay sign and Venus was on its way to aspecting the rising sign and the midheaven.

The Better Choice.

The better option would have been July 10th 12:30pm local Dallas time. The chart for this start time would have had Libra rising again with the Moon in Libra about to conjunct the rising sign. Libra is ruled by Venus and in this chart Venus is located in the 10th house bringing a  more positive image to the event. The Sun and Mercury are in the 10th as well. Venus rules over the rising sign and the Moon which means it has a large influence over the two most important parts of the chart. Mars does not aspect the rising sign and it is in a easy sextile to all the planets in the 10th house. Saturn is in the 3rd which is a weak house so it can’t manifest many problems. The only part that could be better is where Jupiter is, it is the best planet for a day chart, but in this chart Jupiter is in the 12th house, another weak house. Overall this chart is much better than the one for the actual day of the planned protest.

The point of this article is to show that just a little more planning can bring about a huge benefit, maybe a vastly different outcome. Affecting change in the world is an important goal, the people taking on these responsibilities are not doing it lightly, there is real passion pushing them. These monumental and sometimes historical events deserve the best possible outcome.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!



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