Solar Eclipse in Virgo

We are in our second eclipse season. The Solar Eclipse is at 9-10 degrees Virgo. Sep 1 at 2:00am DST (Lunar eclipse is Sep 16 in Pisces). An eclipse can bring dramatic events depending on how the chart is configured. This eclipse includes a tense square and if you use outer planet planets then it would be considered a T square. The Virgo Sun and Moon in Virgo are in square to Saturn (night time malefic) and opposite Neptune.  What is interesting about this is that this eclipse is part of a saros series that has its origin chart theme described as I would describe this coming eclipse’s theme. The theme for when Saturn and Neptune are involved is that a choice needs to be made between reality and fantasy. Not everyone will feel this theme strongly personal because not everyone will have their chart activated by the eclipse.

An eclipse has the most power when it lands on an angle (within 2 degrees) in a chart, next most powerful is landing on a planet (within 2 degrees). This applies to your natal chart, solar return chart, a nation’s chart, or a weather location chart. If it lands on an angle in your natal chart then that tells what part of your life it can show up. Example, eclipse on the 10th house cusp or MC describes an event in your career path. Same for your solar return chart. In a state chart or country chart a major event will affect the leader and or the populace. This coming eclipse will be visible over Africa, look for an event in one of its areas.

This eclipse is landing on my natal Saturn in my sixth house. Since last weekend I have felt low energy, almost lethargic. I had already decided to “lay low” because I knew the eclipse was coming, but the lack of motivation has been hard to cope with. I have been relying on my routine to get things done, and Saturn loves a routine. Saturn actually went over my Mars twice already this year because of its retrograde movement. The first time I was out and about, doing fun activities then got sick. The second time I was paying more attention, I took it easy but had to fight off a cold. This past week I have felt like if I don’t get extra sleep I will get sick, so far not sick. The lethargy is just lingering, I believe it will until a week from now when Saturn has moved 1 degree past my Mars. Why health issues, you ask? The 6th house is illness. It is a weak house, it is an area of weakness for a person in a natal chart. Saturn conjunct my Mars this time while squaring an eclipse activates illness more, more than the other two times.

Since I knew this was coming I have been more diligent in taking care of myself. I have been proactive with the knowledge, not letting it weigh me down.  This is why planning with astrology knowledge is beneficial, whether it be weather for a vacation, starting a business venture, choosing a wedding day, or hosting a big party event.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!



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