LA Weather 11/14-11/20 2016

This is the full moon that is the closest to the Earth for all of the year. Every month the Moon becomes Perigee and Apogee. Some Perigees are closer than others and some Apogees are further away than others. This is the closest Perigee of the year. Full moon is in Taurus at 22 degrees 5:52 am Los Angeles. The closer the Moon is to us physically the more influence it has on our atmosphere. The Moon and Venus have the most affect on us this week.

Nov 14- Cool temperatures.

Now 15- Cool with wind picking up

Nov 16- Cold and damp, Moon crosses and angle in Season chart.

Nov 17 & 18-  Cool temps

Nov 19- Venus crosses an angle in the Season chart now bringing possible rain. Then Venus aspects Neptune while Neptune is stationary.

Nov 20- Warmer but tropical kind of dampness. Moon crosses an angle and stimulates a midpoint.


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