Thanksgiving LA Weather 11/21-11/28

This week’s free weather forecast for LA includes Thanksgiving. It is a last quarter moon in Leo 29 degrees.  This is the moon phase that can have the most troublesome weather happening. With all the aspects going this week as well this will definitely be a full weather week for us here in sunny LA. Mercury is very active, stirring things up.

Nov 21- Windy Mercury starts this week on an angle. Above average wind. Low air pressure.

Nov 22- Cold and windy. Mercury aspects Jupiter.

Nov 23- Cold, gray, cloudy. Mercury aspects Saturn.

Nov 24- Warmer, but cloudy and windy. Big & warm  Jupiter squares extreme Pluto.

Nov 25- Venus bring possible showers by squaring Jupiter and then joining with Pluto.

Nov 26- Mercury trine Uranus the two cold and windy planets, some parts of US may have electrical storms.

Nov 27 & 28- Cool temps & atmosphere clears.

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